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Read these when they were first published. Excellent series. Never saw the movies as I didn't want to spoil it for myself.
2017-08-21 00:25

Love all the J.D. Robb books and liked the twist that Peabody was in charge of the investigation this time. Even though this is the 32nd book, the characters continue to evolve and keep me engaged. And, it's also quite amazing that the plots don't repeat themselves!
2017-08-21 01:25

Growing up in Long Island. Graduating college then setting off for Asia to teach English with a girl he loves. Flouting the country's drug laws without enough regard for consequence. At this point the author's and my own story diverge and I am given a window into what my life could've become had I been a shade unluckier. Truly heart wrenching at times, I read each chapter with wide eyes and deep breaths as the author tells of coping with serving a 3 1/2 year sentence in a prison 7,000 miles from home. As fluent in Korean as I was in Japanese at 7 months in the country, the author struggled daily to find and hold his place in the odd hierarchy of the prisons he was kept in as well as communicate with the people around him. Meeting gangsters, foreign convicts like himself, prison wardens, and inmates whom he forged strong bonds to, every day was a struggle to hold onto any shred of peace, happiness and sometimes sanity he could find while spending 23 hours hours in a cell the size of a walk-in closet. Despite residing in the world's 11th largest economy, the prison conditions were on par with those of the third world. His journey from a sheltered middle class kid on Long Island to a prisoner serving hard time for a crime most countries would punish with a slap on the wrist tore my heart out at times. Dealing with the absence of any female contact he desperately held onto an image of his girlfriend's body as I imagine I would have in that same unfortunate position. Fortunately I have one 24-hour stint in jail under my belt which indescribably helped me understand the the claustrophobia and powerless of the author's situation. The incredible envy one feels for those outside the prison who can have the freedom to make even the smallest decisions about their own lives. This book is, at its most basic, a worst case scenario that I've secretly feared all my life, and reading it made me come face to face with the hardship this would entail, and what one must go through to adjust to any life-altering event. This book serves to show that these crises can be eventually accepted and overcome. I can't recommend this book enough.
2017-08-21 02:25

Anne Rice tends to have too much blood, gore, religion, etc. for me, but Cry to Heaven is the one book by her that I love. This is a crazy novel about a male castrato opera singer in the 1700s. It's kind of fabulous. I definitely recommend it; quick compelling reading.
2017-08-21 03:25

The subtitle of this book is "great psychological experiments of the twentieth century," but this is no academic tome. Lauren Slater is a psychologist by trade, but in this book she's turned out a beautifully written pop-journalistic account of these various studies, their principal authors, and even some of the studies' subjects. All of the canonical studies familiar to anyone who's taken Psych 101 are here: Philip Zimmerman's "Stanford Prison" experiment is one notable exception, but that's had entire books written about it already. Her follow-up with some of the participants in the Milgram "obedience" experiments (when participants were asked to "shock" an accomplice) are worth the price of admission alone. A must-read for anyone with even a passing interested in psychology.
2017-08-21 04:25

I love this adventures book about a another land. At school my teacher's book to us so that would my 2nd time reading this book.
2017-08-21 05:25

Very thought-provoking, insightful and informing about the life of a missionary in a poor area. I can't wait to get some more of her work! I love her story.
2017-08-21 06:25

بنات إيران رواية واقعية تحكي فيها الكاتبة ناهيد رشلان قصتها منذ وهبتها والدتها لخالتها لتربيتها وحتى عودتها إلى بيت والديها بالقوة.. تحكي الكاتبة علاقاتها مع أفراد أسرتها، حياتها، تطلعاتها وأحلامها لغة السرد كانت بسيطة جدا وغير متكلفة، لم أشعر بالملل عند قراءتي لها ، وعلى الرغم من الضعف الواضح في الترجمة إلا أنها لم تكن سيئة تحتوي الرواية على مزيج من مشاعر مختلفة، قضايا إنسانية وإجتماعية، واستطاعت الكاتبة أن تعبر بطريقة بسيطة عن معاناة شعب ووطن كما أنها صورت لنا بعض العادات والتقاليد الإيرانية بصورة عامة أحببت الكتاب جدا .. شعرت بأنه أخذني في رحلة جميلة ومختلفه جدا
2017-08-21 07:25

So theres going to be another one right? It can't end like that there has to be another. This is the first book of this series where it didn't feel finished when it was over. Bitterblue had just started fixing her kingdom and she hasn't found love yet. Sigh! I have this feeling were not going to be there for all of it ether. If Cashore continues with the pattern of picking a new point of view for each book. Then my guess would be that the next one will be in Giddons, of Saf's POV although she hasn't done one for a male POV yet. I seriously hope its Bitterblue's though cause like I said before her story doesn't feel finished yet. Which is sad because this is also the longest of the series.
2017-08-21 08:25

1889-Was jack the Ripper really dead by drowning himself in the Thames? A lawyer named Montague Druitt??? Tea Roses were smuggled out of China to England in late 1700's.Named for their stong tea scent.
2017-08-21 09:25